About LFDC

Launceston Family Day Care commenced operating on the 28 of August, 2006.  In November 2018, Blackmans Bay Children’s Services Inc. (BBCS) took on being the Provider of Launceston Family Day Care.  As at the 1st of January 2019, Blackmans Bay Children’s Services commenced trading as Adventure Patch.


About Blackmans Bay Childrens Services

BBCS is a community owned, not for profit organisation established in 1980, providing quality children’s services for children birth to 13 years.  BBCS/Adventure Patch   provide Long Day Care, Outside School Hours Care and Family Day Care to over 1500 families.

BBCS aspire to be an extended family for your child.  Open and effective communication between families and educators is fundamental to this partnership.  In partnership with your family we can provide the best early education and care experience for your child.


More about Launceston Family Day Care

Launceston Family Day Care has  approximately 45 Family Day Care Educators registered throughout the ‘63’ and ’64’ phone areas of Tasmania.

On average our educators provide over 5000 hours of care each week to around 300 families.

Combined, our staff  have more than 75 years experiences in the child care sector.

What is the role of Launceston Family Day Care?

Our service is licensed by the Education and Care Unit, which is part of the Department of Education in Tasmania.

Our role includes;-

  • Assisting families to obtain suitable child care.
  • Recruiting and registering educators, along with providing them with  ongoing support and professional development  opportunities.
  • Supporting educators and children by undertaking field visits, providing resources such as playgroups, play sessions, information, paints, glue, craft materials and toys.
  • Providing social opportunities for educators, children and families.
  • Processing and monitoring attendance records, to ensure compliance with Department of Education’s rules for administrating child care rebates.
  • Meeting the Education and Care Unit’s licensing requirements
  • Meeting the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations and Law


Blackmans Bay Children’s Service Inc.

Provider Approval Number: PR-00005896

ABN: 21 707 156 941 

Launceston Family Day Care

Service Approval Number SE-00010000